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Sewing Creations

by Aly

*Fabric patterns on all creations will vary
*Custom orders are available 

Microwave Bowl & Plate Cozies | 15, 18, 20


These reversible bowl cozies are handmade with 100% cotton and are microwave safe.

Simply place your bowl of food in the cozy and reheat in 2 minute intervals. Remove bowl with cozy to avoid burning your fingers.

Fabric patterns will vary.

Custom available.

Bowl cozy is machine washable. Hang dry.

Ice Cream Cozy | 15

Hanging Hand Towels | 20

tea towel.jpg

Teapot Cozies | 20, 22, 25

New styles and 

Images coming soon

Cast Iron Sleeves | 10
Sets | 18

Dutch Oven Sleeves | 18

Images coming soon

Finger Tip Mitts | 18

Drawstring Jewelry Pouch three sizes | 25, 30, 35

Drawstring Make Up Pouch | 20


Aly's Alterations

I can do simple alterations on
simple things for a
simple price

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